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Formation Philosophy
In our projects we try to achieve the best solutions, optimal balance and interaction of all impacts with placing the emphasis on functionality and practicality, as well as the compositional and aesthetic principles. Architecture always is a part of a larger unit. Buildings, throughout their existence, create constant interaction with their environment and affect daily lives of users. In its creation, we realize the responsibility arising out of spatial, cultural and social impacts of our proposals.

We perceive the architecture as a (FORM) defining and determining the (SPACE), with meaningful organic mixture of time, cultural and social vectors and peculiar filter of reality perceptions. Our projects are the result of implementation of client’s requirements while taking into account and respecting the limits and the relevant technical standards to the functional and artistically valuable unit.

Our projects emphasize the client’s active participation in the process of architectural design.

We provide complete architectural and design services in the field of civil and residential buildings, including interior design.

Activities Provided:
+ Advice and consultation
+ Verification study of the feasibility of the investment plan
+ Architectural study
+ Project documentation for zoning decision
+ Project documentation for building permit
+ Project documentation for construction realization
+ Project documentation for contractor selection
+ Project documentation of the factual built construction
+ Construction budget
+ Construction passport, survey of the existing condition
+ Supervision
+ Interior design, workshop documentation
+ Professional 3D visualization for marketing

Miletičova 54,
821 08 Bratislava
IČO: 46 656 201
DIČ: 202 352 5416


Ing.arch. Norbert Funczik
+421 908 650 379

Ing.arch. Monika Kubicseková
+421 905 868 735